Motorcycle Insurance

While motorcycles are a symbol of unfettered freedom on the road and flying with the wind, they also subject riders to the whims of the elements, the ire of motorists, and the unforgiving surfaces of concrete and asphalt. In light of this, and with the safety of drivers and pedestrians in mind as well, the state of Texas has formulated motorcycle laws that every motorcyclist should be aware of each and every time he or she swings a leg over their bike.

Learning about your Motorcycle

For the sake of visibility, motorcycles must be equipped with a tail light, brake light, and headlight, as well as a license plate lamp that is in working order. For rider and public safety, it must also have responsive brakes, handlebar rearview mirrors, and a working horn, as well as a functioning exhaust system. And if the rider wants to take passengers onboard, the bike must have a passenger seat.


Texas residents who want to operate a motorcycle must have a valid motorcycle license (Class M). To get licensed, they must prove they have riding skills by taking and passing a road test as well as a written test covering traffic rules and safety practices. However, the road test can be waived if the applicant has an unrestricted Class A, B, or C license, and can present an MSB-8 completion certificate testifying that he or she has passed a basic motorcycle operator training course approved by the Department of Public Safety, or another course that meets Motorcycle Safety Foundations (MSF) standards.

Protective Headgear

Anyone riding on a motorcycle is required to wear a helmet. This includes passengers, who by state law must be at least five years old. Helmets must bear a DOT sticker attesting to its meeting Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 or an ANSI decal showing that it meets standards formulated by the American National Standards Institute.

In order to apply for a license and to renew it, motorcyclists must prove financial responsibility. Most take care of this by purchasing motorcycle insurance. An alternative is to secure a surety bond from a automobile insurance company. As a full-service insurance agency that works with the most reputable insurance companies, Davis Insurance Group can help with either of these. So whether it's motorcycle insurance, life, health, business, or homeowner insurance, give us a call or come in and visit us. The Davis Insurance Group serves residents all throughout the great state of Texas.

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