Flood Insurance

Whether you currently live in a flood zone, a potential flood zone, or would just like to be prepared, a separate flood insurance policy is essential and can protect your home if you fall victim to flooding. The truth about flooding is that no matter where you are, there is always a chance of rain, and with rain comes flooding. In Texas, the coast is known to flood as well as the central and northern sections of the state. Because of this, Davis Insurance Group has a flood insurance policy ready for you.

Natural Disasters

Every time Texas is hit with a hurricane or other natural disasters, new areas begin to flood, and residents fall victim to flood damage without insurance. Prepare your home for potential flash flooding, an event that can occur at any time of the year and cause significant damage. Flash flooding occurs when rain falls quickly and heavily, essentially dumping a massive amount of water in one area. When this happens too quickly, the water is unable to move. Homes, vehicles, and other personal belongings are in the crosshairs of this fast-moving water.

Personal Property & Home Coverage

When your home and personal property is damaged in a flood, your standard home insurance policy will not cover your losses. For Texas residents who do not live in a previously noted flood zone and have not considered flood insurance, they become taken aback by this and find themselves in a situation that is tragic. A Flood insurance policy with Davis Insurance Group will ensure that your personal property and home are covered in the event of a flood, providing you with a sense of security and peace of mind. Do not wait for protection though, there is a 30 day wait period when purchasing a new flood policy.

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Are you ready to purchase flood insurance? Let Davis Insurance Group quote a flood insurance policy for you today. Remember, once you purchase a flood insurance policy, there is a 30-day period before it goes into effect, so the sooner you buy, the better. Give us a call or visit our office to speak with one of our agents.

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